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A mismatched pair of silver bezel polygonal hook earrings. A beautiful sober, original and minimalist geometric design, available in brushed matte or black (blued) finish.


For a minimalist and original look!


Pair of very light and extremely comfortable dangling earrings, you are going to love them!


* Materials, procedure, and finish.


100% Reclaimed Sterling Silver .950 Silver oxide (on request)


Handcrafted one by one from round sterling silver wire, handcrafted hook from 21 gauge wire, body from 18 gauge wire. Forged, welded, flattened, and finished in brushed matte or blued (black).


The imperfections are intrinsic to the material and the craftsmanship, giving the piece its unique condition and singular beauty.


* Estimated weight and dimensions.


Each earring is made as a unique piece, therefore, the dimensions and designs between each pair may vary, one pair will never be identical to another, they were conceived to be unique so that the photographs and measurements are indicated for reference only.


Small earring

5.7 cm long (2.24"), 1.2 cm wide (0.47").

Big earring

6.2 cm long (2.44"), 0.9 cm wide (0.35").


Both earrings (together) weigh 2 grams (0.004 pounds).


Please make sure you read my purchasing policy and FAQ before finalizing your purchase.

For holidays orders please contact me as soon as possible!

Polygonal Bezel Empty Earrings

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