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p r i v a c y  n o t i c e


Maria Fernanda Ibarrola Castro, the owner of the brand Dikua is responsible for collecting use and protect your personal information. I collect your personal information only under your own authorization when you provide it to me directly either physically, through my social media, or by subscribing yourself to my daily newsletter. 


I will use the personal data collected from you, for the following purposes:


  • Build a database of active or potential clients to spread the brand products and give attention to their users.

  • Distribute product information from my brand Dikua.

  • Invite you to Dikua brand-related events.

  • Get in touch with you from a special inquiry or issue of the brand Dikua.

  • Promote the products of the brand Dikua.

  • Shipping to your address Dikua's brand products. 


The data collected may include:


  •    Name

  •    Last name

  •    E-mail

  •    Phone number

  •    Day and month of birth

  •    Postal address


The information you provide to me remains private and will be used exclusively by María Fernanda Ibarrola (Dikua) only for the purposes described above and therefore will not be transferred to any third party by any means except that it is a home consignment in which case the basic information will be provided to the post office or shipping company exclusively for its sending and tracking.

I inform you that to fulfill the obligations under this privacy notice will not be collected and processed sensitive personal data. You are entitled to know what personal data I have of you, so why to use and conditions of use give them. It is also your right to request correction of personal information if it is outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete; you delete my records or databases where it considers that it is not being used in accordance with the principles, duties, and obligations under the law; and oppose the use of personal data for specific purposes. 


You will receive information from me only if you subscribe to one of my social networks or my regular newsletter, you can access personal data found in my database at the above links, where you'll be able to modify the data included or/and unsubscribe, also you can contact me to request the correction or deletion of your personal data via the telephone number +52(55) 52118720 or email me to Dikua brand is domiciled in Av Tamaulipas 125 Colonia Condesa, Mexico City, Alcaldía Cuauhtemoc, Postal Code 06140 México.


To cancel your subscription or modify your information in my files, access these links to update your preferences or unsubscribe.


Last updated 01 / December / 2020 00:00 hrs.

aviso de privacidad
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