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dikua. from the purépecha tirhindikua: earring, earring, hoop.


It is the brand behind me, Fernanda Ibarrola, an architect by profession, with a natural inclination towards design in all its forms and passionate about the opportunity to create. After twelve years of dedicating myself to architecture, I decided to make a radical change in my life and after three years of studies, Dikua jewelry was born at the end of 2007.

My work starts from the concept of the minimum, of the simplest as the authentic and transparent, playing with geometry and the abstraction of the simplest forms of nature. Each individual is unique, which is why most of my designs are unique. At a time when the mass commercial model dictates the standards, a different alternative can still be sought, which allows getting out of the scheme through being oneself, I bet on the concept of slow life, focusing precisely on slow jewelry, where what is done little by hand leaves mass production aside, enjoying and putting emphasis and affection in the manufacture and design of each piece.

At Dikua I take care of the manufacturing, using quality materials, and at the same time I am committed to the Earth as our living space, so I use all the ecological options available locally, substituting toxic materials for natural ones, using recovered, reclaimed, recycled, and ethically sourced materials. Likewise, I incorporate elements of Mexican artisan work in an effort to support and disseminate their quality and beauty, while providing added value to my pieces.

The jewelry that I develop in my brand is mainly made of sterling silver, wood, and resin, all designed and manufactured by hand entirely by me. The metal collection is made in limited series and mostly pieces made individually or unique.

The pieces in gold and other precious metals are limited to specific designs and special orders, in which in conjunction with the client, I create exclusive designs.

Currently, I experiment with recycled materials, precious stones, pearls, wood, clay, textile, silver, and resin.

Since the launch of my first online shop in 2008, Dikua pieces have spread to more than 15 countries reaching 4 continents, currently, my work can be purchased here, my personal online shop, Etsy and Discovered, it makes me very happy that my designs make very diverse people happy in many world sites!

To learn more about my work visit my pages or follow me on social networks and sign up for my newsletter.

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Fernanda Ibarrola
Dikua Jewelry

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