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dikua. from the purépecha tirhindikua: earring, earring, hoop.

I'm Fernanda Ibarrola, an architect by profession, with a natural inclination for design in all its forms, and a deep passion for the art of creation. After dedicating over a decade to architecture, I embarked on a radical shift in my life's journey. Following three years of exhilarating studies, Dikua Jewelry was born in late 2007.

My work is rooted in the concept of minimalism, where simplicity is synonymous with authenticity and transparency. I play with geometry and the abstraction of nature's simplest forms. With over a decade of experience, I've honed my craft, and every piece I create is forged with passion and dedication.

Every individual is unique, which is why the majority of my designs are unique as well. In a world where mass production often dictates standards, I embrace the concept of slow living and slow jewelry, where the emphasis is on meticulous craftsmanship, savoring the process, and infusing love into each design and piece, leaving behind the world of mass production.

At Dikua, I carefully craft each piece, using the highest quality materials. I'm committed to the Earth as our living space and employ local eco-friendly options, replacing toxic materials with natural ones, and using reclaimed and ethically sourced materials. I also incorporate elements of Mexican craftsmanship to support and showcase its quality and beauty, adding value to my creations.

My collection at Dikua primarily comprises sterling silver, wood, and resin, and I handle the entire design and production process personally. Metal jewelry is produced in a limited series, and many pieces are unique.

Gold and other precious metal pieces are available in specific designs and are made only on special orders. Collaborating with you as a customer, I create exclusive designs that reflect your personal style.

Currently, in my jewelry designs, I explore the incorporation of recycled materials, wood, gemstones, pearls, ceramics, and textiles, in addition to silver and eco-resin.

Since I opened my first online store in 2008, Dikua creations have reached more than 15 countries on five continents. Today, you can find my jewelry collection here online, on my personal store, and on Etsy. Additionally, a thoughtfully curated selection of my work is available at Ismos Boutique, located in the beautiful Condesa neighborhood in CDMX.


With over a decade of experience and a growing global presence, it fills me with joy to know that my designs bring smiles to people all over the world, and I hope you can find a piece that brings happiness to you as well.

I invite you to learn more about my work by visiting my pages and following me on social media. A warm embrace!"

Fernanda Ibarrola
Dikua Jewelry

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