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A unique, beautiful and simple piece. A sober geometric design part of my Polyhedra Collection. Each ring is designed separately with the same concept, none is equal. Hollow minimal design hand fabricated.

For those who appreciate the simplicity and minimalist design, lightweight pieces and comfort.

Please consider the indicated price is for ONE ring only. There are 3 rings ready to ship, each one in a different size and shape, please take a look at the image which indicates sizes & designs of each piece.

*Materials, procedure, and finish.

Reclaimed sterling silver 925

Silver oxide (by request)

Handmade fabricated from scratch by my own hands in sterling silver bezel and foil, forged and welded. As the ring is hollow from inside it's a lightweight piece.

Brushed matte or blacked finished.

Imperfections are intrinsic to the material and its artisan craftsmanship, giving the piece its unique status and beauty.


There are 3 designs in 3 different sizes ready to ship, please take a look at the pictures.

Sizes made by request will require up to 15 working days to be done by the fabrication procedure. I work with American sizes be sure to select the correct one. Not sure of your size?, Find your right size, search at the web for the ring size finder, it is a printable pdf, will be of great help.

*Approximate measures and weight.

Each ring is hand fabricated as a unique piece, none design is equal, therefore dimensions will vary. Consider your ring will be similar but not necessarily equal to the one shown in pictures, images & dimensions are indicated as a reference only. As the rings are not regular shape dimensions are indicated estimated.

If you're interested in a ring like this in a different size from the available just send me a message. Consider sizes 8 & up may have an extra cost.

The polyhedra piece is small, exact dimensions vary on each design. The ring is made of sterling wire 2-1.5 mm thick (0.07"-0.05")

Weight varies according to design and size, as a reference size 7 is 3 gr. (0.006 pounds).

Please be sure to read my purchase policy on my public profile & my FAQ before finish your buy.

Polyhedra Diamond Ring one of a kind piece!

Sales Tax Included