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A uniquely beautiful and simple U-ring. An odd pair of circular dots seems to float through your fingers. An open ring forged and welded from scratch by my own hands. So comfortable and not heavy at all. limited collection.

A lovely minimal ring for those who enjoy simplicity.

Prices vary according to size, select yours to see the correct amount.

*Materials, procedure, and finish.

Reclaimed sterling silver .950
Silver oxide (if requested)

Each ring is done as a unique piece, therefore dimensions and shapes may slightly vary, they're designed to be an odd pair, they're similar but different.

This ring is hand fabricated each time of sterling silver foil, sewn, welded, sanded, brushed matte or brushed black finished.

Please consider imperfections are intrinsic to the material and its artisan craftsmanship, giving the piece its unique status and beauty.

Available in two finish, brushed silver or brushed black, choose your favorite!

*Size, approximate measures, and weight.

Regarding size, this list is for custom size rings, I'll work on your piece fitting sizes 4 to 10 (American), for a size not listed please contact me. Not sure of your size?, Find your right size, search on the web for the ring size finder, it is a printable PDF, will be of great help.! Please consider, as an open ring it will be a little loose.

Big dot is around 1,8 cm x 2,0 cm while the small one is 0,5 cm x 0,3 cm (0,70 x 0,78 inches, 0,19 x 0,11 inches). Weight depends on the size, as a reference, a size 7 is near 4 gr. (0.008 pounds).

For special timing needs please contact me asap!

Please be sure to read my purchase policy & FAQ at my public profile before finish your buy.

Flat dots open ring in brushed or blacked sterling, lovely minimal design!

PriceFrom $1,644.00
Sales Tax Included
  • As a "slow jeweler" I do not have a large inventory so, the piece you chose may need to be manufactured after purchase, the time provided when making the purchase indicates exclusively the shipping time not including manufacturing and/or processing times, all available jewelry will be shipped within a maximum of 3-5 business days.

    Processing/manufacturing times vary according to the complexity of the design and manufacturing technique, most pieces require an estimated 5 business days, while those made in casting (lost-wax) require at least 8 business days plus shipping time.

    If you are making a gift and require that your piece be delivered immediately, please confirm with me for availability before making the purchase.

    Your support will be crucial for my small business, thank you in advance! #supportslowjewelers #buyhandmadejewelry #standwithsmallbusiness