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Introducing the beautiful Laura Irregular Rustic Asymmetrical Earrings, a must-have for contemporary jewelry lovers! These minimalist earrings feature a captivating geometric design that stands out. Handcrafted with love, each pair is meticulously created in 100% recycled sterling silver, available in an exquisite matte brushed or black blued finish.


The aesthetic appeal of these earrings lies in their beautiful rustic charm, achieved through the ingenious reticulation technique, in which through the controlled application of fire, each piece acquires a unique and exceptional texture, embodying the charm of imperfection. With their exquisite design and wabi-sabi inspiration, these modern earrings capture the essence of a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


A minimalist, avant-garde and comfortable earring design, for those who love to bring simplicity and style to their outfit.


*Material, estimated dimensions and weight.


I use recycled 950 silver which contains 25 more units of silver than 925, making it purer and finer. Posts in 925 sterling silver.


Dimensions and shapes may vary slightly, please consider them for reference only.


3.2cm long (0.55").

2.3cm wide (0.86").

6 grams weight (0.13 pounds).


I work with great care and love, but I appreciate the imperfection of handmade as it gives each piece its unique condition and beauty.


They look great combined with the rustic Kutsi pendant, buy them together!


Please be sure to read my purchasing policy and FAQ before finalizing your purchase.


Handmade with love,


Fernanda ❤️

Laura Irregular rustic asymmetric earrings | Sustainable jewelry

Sales Tax Included
  • As a slow jeweler, I don’t have a big stock & it varies constantly, so, pieces available will be sent within 3 working days, out-of-stock pieces will be made once bought, please consider 8 working days for its manufacture plus shipping time.


    The time provided when making a purchase, exclusively indicates the shipping time, without including manufacturing and/or processing times.


    Processing/manufacturing times vary according to the complexity of the design and manufacturing technique, most parts require an estimated 5 business days, parts made in casting or lost wax require between 8-10 business days, plus shipping time.


    If you are making a gift and require your piece to be delivered immediately, please check availability with me before making the purchase.


    Your support will be crucial for my small business, thanks in advance! #supportslowjewelry #supportsmallbusiness