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A beautiful and simple ring. Nice large irregular elliptical ring made in brushed matte finished bezel.

Forged and welded from scratch with my own hands. Extremely comfortable and light. Limited collection.


The price varies according to the size, select yours to show the correct quantity.

* Materials, procedure and finish

100% Recovered Starine Silver .950

Handcrafted in sterling silver on 1.5-2mm round wire flattened, welded, sanded and finished in matte brushed or blued.

* Approximate size, measurements and weight.


Made to order in the indicated size from American 4.5-9.5. It is important to consider that as it is a U-shaped ring, the fit is looser, choosing the correct size will be essential for the piece to remain firm on the finger.

The piece is irregular in shape, and the size of the piece should be proportional to the size, but as a reference, the length of the ring in the image is 4.4 cm x 2.2 cm (0.17" x 0.08") in its part widest and 1.6 cm (0.60") at its thinnest.

The total weight varies according to the size, it is a light ring.

It can be made on request in brushed matte or blued (black) finish.

Please make sure you read my purchasing policies and my FAQ before finalizing your purchase.

Irregular elliptical ring!

PriceFrom $1,436.00
Sales Tax Included
  • As a "slow jeweler" I do not have an inventory of absolutely all design