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Small articulated textured polygonal earrings, minimalist design in brushed or blacked sterling silver, minimalist design with hook or dangle studs to choose.


My work is mainly based on abstract and geometric shapes, looking for clean and pure pieces, these earrings were designed as textured irregular oval shapes with a touch of movement.


Although this design is already part of my line collection, none will be the same, since each earring and thus, each pair, is manufactured each time by hand.


Many large and small earring designs, each unique, check out my lists!


Geometry for your ears! Extremely light and comfortable, perfect for use on any occasion! Ideal for lovers of minimalist jewelry!


* Materials, procedure and finish.


Recovered Sterling Silver .950

Recovered Sterling Silver .925 (Hoops)

Silver oxide (upon request).


Geometric earrings made entirely by hand from sheet, 21 gauge & round wire (0.71 mm, 0.28") plus round wire rings. Manufacturing process includes sewing, hammering, soldering, sanding, and finish.


Each earring is handcrafted one by one as a unique piece, therefore the dimensions and shapes between them may vary slightly, they are designed to be an odd pair. Because the shapes are irregular, the dimensions indicated are approximate.


Length 3.8 cm (1.49").

Width 1.6 cm (0.63").

Both earrings weigh 5 grams (0.011 pounds).


Consider the pieces to be irregular and designed to be used like this. The imperfections are intrinsic to the material and the craftsmanship, giving the piece its unique condition and unique beauty.


Be sure to read my purchasing policy on my public profile before finalizing your purchase.

Small articulated Textured Polygonal Earrings

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