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  • delivery times during the holidays
    I'd love to guarantee your gifts will arrive in time for the holidays, please note that the due date for regular international shipping is November 15th. for national shipments outside of CDMX, the maximum date is December 12, and within CDMX on December 17. courier shipments allow shipments after these dates, if you require them, contact me before making the purchase. using regular shipping, the delivery time for USA and Canada is about 2 weeks, while Europe requires 4-3 weeks and Australia may need all 5 weeks. the time is approximate, as unfortunately, I can't take care of the delivery, it could increase due to work overload during the holidays or the customs process that is out of my control. I can offer you expedited shipping using Mexpost, the Mexican mail courier service, the most affordable courier service available locally, with an international delivery time of 8 business days, or any other of the known international courier companies with delivery times. 3 business days but shipping costs will increase significantly.
  • rings sizes
    I work with American sizes, I recommend that you review the recommendations of my blog to identify your ring size. it is very important to have the correct size to achieve a proper fit. to consider: stackable rings are most comfortable if worn 0.5 sizes larger than regular to avoid a tight fit. open rings are slightly loose, consider this before choosing your size.
  • manufacturing and shipping times
    Inventory varies constantly, out of stock items will be sold once purchased, please note at least 5 business days will be required for production plus shipping time. Available items will be shipped within 2-3 business days. Domestic delivery requires 3-8 business days, while international takes 2-5 weeks, depending on customs processing and shipping distance. All shipments include a tracking number and local shipments will require a signature for receipt (the person receiving will need to have official identification). There are some items made in lost wax that, due to their manufacturing process, may require up to 15 business days to be ready for shipping. During the holiday season, manufacturing or shipping time may increase depending on my work schedule and the demand or saturation of the postal service. Shipments are made exclusively on business days, at the standard economic cost, to reduce delivery time, I offer shipping by courier to speed up delivery, but it will significantly increase costs, request information via chat.
  • care instructions
    you will find detailed recommendations for the care of your jewelry here. join my newsletter y follow me on my social networks for special tips and also enjoy discounts and special promotions.
  • special orders
    I take custom orders of my own designs, I'll also be happy to work on a special design for you based on my own style. I offer manual stamping or engraving services to personalize your pieces, they will have an additional cost to the piece and are available in a special section of my shop or you can ask for them. due to the manufacturing process, I do not offer custom resin designs except for resin+silver.
  • gift wrapping and packaging
    all items are shipped protected and beautifully gift-wrapped, using eco-friendly or recycled materials. all of my packaging comes from compostable, recycled, and/or reused materials. I have mini gift cards available with my data and a beautiful legend in Spanish "from me to you", indicate that your purchase is a gift and you want a card to be included, or ask for a personalized message.
  • are all shipments traceable?
    all shipments are made using the regular registered shipment of the Mexican Postal Service, which always includes a tracking number; however, the exchange of postal information throughout the world is not the same in all countries, once it leaves Mexico, it will be necessary to track it using your country's own postal website. it is important to note that not all destination countries allow foreign tracking numbers to be tracked through their postal service, even if they receive and ultimately deliver the package themselves. in those cases, it might be necessary to contact the postal service in your country for more information. CA and AU are examples. click here to track your package
  • Are shipments safe?
    I've been selling my work online since 2008 and so far some packages have been delayed, but they've never been lost. I am familiar with the postal procedures of many countries and my designs have already reached 4 continents. So, even if I'm not able to give you a full guarantee, I'd say you can relax about it. Unfortunately, the Mexican post office does not offer the option of insuring shipments, to do so it will be necessary to opt for a private courier.
  • do you work with sustainable materials?
    I am committed to the Earth as our place to live, so I use all the sustainable options I can find in my country. I work with recycled silver and gold and substitute toxic materials for environmentally friendly materials. all my packaging comes from eco-friendly, recycled and/or reused materials.
  • who makes your jewelry?
    I personally design and carefully manufacture all my pieces one by one by hand and I work with a lost wax workshop that casts my pieces made in this technique for me, since I do not have the necessary equipment in my workshop . Eventually for some pieces I can get the support of specialists in assembly or fine jewelry, always working within fair trade, I do not make pieces in a massive way.
  • what materials do you work with?
    I work primarily in reclaimed silver, brass, and gold, as well as found objects and alternative materials, such as resin, wood, and ceramics. all my pieces have a brushed or blackened finish, my designs are not meant to be shiny.
  • why don't you offer gold pieces in your store?
    I work with gold only on local personalized orders, I do not sell gold pieces online, since neither the Mexican mail nor the local international courier allows to ship gold jewelry from Mexico.
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