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Aretes de cuentas de resina + gancho de plata, completamente hechos a mano. El gancho está diseñado para ser sujetado con el fin de evitar pérdidas.

Ideal si te gustan las piezas originales y coloridas para resaltar tu estilo! Intercámbialos y aumenta aun más la diversión! Compra más de un par a la vez y aprovecha un mejor precio!

*Materiales, acabado y procedimiento de manufactura

My lovely big resin earrings made in the color you choose!

Earrings are made by handmade round resin beads + recycled silver hook. The hook is designed to be trapped in order to avoid losses. Hook could be finished silver matte or brushed black as you prefer. Resin beads are translucent or solid, you choose. All will be matte finished.

Great if you like original and colorful pieces to bring out your look. Combine them and increase the fun! Buy more than one pair at once and save!

*Materials, finish, and procedure

Recycled silver (hooks)

Handmade beads by translucent or solid colored resin, on translucent beads light, goes through them beautifully, the solid ones are a bit sober and elegant. Recycled silver round wire hang is brushed matte finished. Edges burnished. The sterling wire is 1mm wide about 0.03 inches.

To make this earring I poured resin into a mold then, once the resin is hard and dry enough I hand cut every bead to start to sand it and sand it, and sand it and polish each of them. You might take a look at my Flickr or my blog to see my process pictures.

As they're handmade, beads are beautifully irregular, each of them unique.

*Estimated measures and weight

They are not heavy at all, actually, they're so light! you'll love them!

Beads diameter is around 2.50 cm (0.98 inches) and it hangs about 5.0 cm (1.96 inches)(total length). Weight is around 3.5 grams each piece, Weight will be around 7 grams for both earrings.

Hook made by hand, please consider it is made by default in round recycled silver wire 1mm thick (0.03"), I use thick wire since silver is so weak that it bends and deforms rapidly. Anyway if you prefer it, I can make the hook on a thinner wire, just select that option at checkout! Please consider I may need extra time for manufacturing thinner wire earrings since stock ones will not match this requirement.


Please if you buy more than one pair send a message indicating the color of each pair.

The availability of colors varies, if the chosen color is available it will be sent in no more than three days otherwise it will require at least 8 working days for its manufacture plus shipping time.

Please be sure to read my purchase policy & my FAQ before finish your buy.

Large round handmade resin earrings!

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