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Nice and simple pair of earrings. For a minimalist and original look. Irregular and disparate textured matte silver beads. A beautiful and sober pair of earrings. Available in two sizes, part of my Textures Collection.


Ideal for lovers of minimalism!


Sterling silver foil beads, cut, hammered, forged and hand-welded, both in a matte or blue brushed finish.


Many designs of asymmetric or uneven earrings available, take a complete tour of my shop :)


* Materials, procedure, and finishing.


100% Reclaimed sterling silver .950

Sterling silver .925 (studs)

Silver oxide (by request)


Extremely light and comfortable, perfect for use on any occasion.


Consider that the pieces are uneven and were designed to be used as well.


Imperfections are intrinsic of the material and the craftsmanship, giving the piece its unique condition and unique beauty.


Earrings are hand fabricated from 22 gauge sterling silver foil, hammered, forged & welded. Stud earrings.


* Estimated measures and weight.


Dimensions & weight varies according to the chosen size. As the pieces are hand fabricated none will be exactly equal so measures and shape might slightly vary. Beads measures are estimated since pieces are irregular.


Small earrings:

Beads 1.5 cm x 1.2 cm (0.59 "x 0.47").

Weight is 2 grams that's around 0.0044 pounds.


Large earrings:

Beads 2 cm x 1.7 cm-2 cm (0.78 "x 0.66"-0.78").

Weight is 5 grams that's around 0.011 pounds.


Please be sure to read my purchase policy & my FAQ at my public profile before finish your buy.

Small Mismatched Textured Earrings - Contemporary Mexican Jewelry

PriceFrom $696.00
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