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Be captivated by the beauty of these contemporary irregular asymmetrical earrings. Each pair of minimalist earrings has been carefully handcrafted with love and dedication using recycled sterling silver, giving them a special, sustainable allure.


These mismatched earrings are a work of art in themselves. Their long, uneven, minimalist and contemporary design makes them unique and avant-garde pieces. Every irregular detail has been carefully thought out to bring out the beauty of imperfection and individuality.


When you wear these modern earrings, you will be carrying a story with you. Each piece has been slowly molded by hand, giving them a unique authenticity and warmth.


These long earrings are the perfect complement for those looking to stand out with a contemporary and original style. Their versatile design makes them ideal for both casual occasions and special events. Wear them with confidence and let them do the talking, showing your fashion sense and appreciation for unique design.


Discover the magic of handmade jewelry with these contemporary irregular asymmetrical earrings. Each pair is a statement of style and personality, and with them, you will be taking with you a piece of design and a love story for the craft of Mexican jewelry.


These contemporary earrings are a great alternative gift to a girl.


* Approximate materials, dimensions and weight


Made entirely by hand in recycled 950 sterling silver that is 25 units purer than 925, which makes it whiter and finer. Your pieces will have a beautiful brushed finish, or, if you choose the burnished version, a deep black with a silver patina.


Each earring is made as a single piece, therefore, the dimensions and shapes between each pair may vary slightly, consider the images and dimensions for reference only.


Earring 1.

Bead length: 2.9 cm (1.25 inches).

Bead width: 2.8 cm (0.39 inches).


Earring 2

Bead length: 2.4 cm (0.94").

Bead width: 1.8 cm (0.708").


Dangle: 4.4 cm (0.173").

They weigh: 6 grams total (0.013 pounds).

1 mm wide (approx. 0.03") recycled silver wire hook.


I work with great care and love, but I do appreciate the imperfection of the handmade as it gives each piece its unique condition and beauty.


Lots of asymmetrical or mismatched earring designs available, take a full tour of my shop ;)


Please be sure to read my purchasing policy and FAQ before finalizing your purchase.


Handmade with love,


Fernanda ❤️

Asymmetrical irregular flat earrings!

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