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A beautiful and simple sterling silver ring. Great for an elegant minimal look. Suitable for men and women!

*Materials, procedure, and finish.

Reclaimed sterling silver 950
Silver oxide (by request)

Handmade in sterling silver sheet, forged, hammered and welded. Rust or brushed finished.

This item's available finished in rust, brushed or blackened (blued) please select your favorite option at checkout.

Please consider imperfections are intrinsic to the material and its artisan craftsmanship, giving the piece its unique status and beauty.

*Size, weight, and estimated dimensions.

Regarding size, this list is for custom made item, I'll work on your piece fitting sizes 5 to 8.5 (small to medium American) and 9 to 12 (big American). In this list, you'll find only small to medium sizes, for big ones please look for my Big Tube Ring list.

Important: This is a tight ring, please consider you should be the right size in order to get proper fit, also it's very important you bring me the size of your finger's knuckle, (the one you're planning to wear the ring), considering it will define the pieces' maximum length. Ring long should be a bit shorter than your knuckle in order to be comfortable to wear.

Not sure of your size?, Find your right size, search at the web for the ring size finder, it is a printable pdf, will be of great help.

Weight and wide dimensions vary according to size, all rings are done in sterling sheet 20 gauge.

This is a very nice looking piece, you'll love it!

Please be sure to read my purchase policy & my FAQ before finish your buy.

Tube ring, open unisex ring!

PriceFrom $1,458.00
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